by Maryam Henein


“Superman Is Not Coming”: Erin Brockovich on the Future of Water

Erin Brockovich speaks at the 2016 Arizona Ultimate Women’s Expo at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona, October 9, 2016. (Photo: Gage Skidmore) Come take a ride on America’s toxic water slide: First stop: Flint, Michigan, where two years later, people are still contending with lead-laced water, which was finally detected by the EPA in February 2015 with the help of resident Lee Anne Walters. Next stop: California, where […]

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Lip Fillers Are Getting More Common, but Not All Options Are Safe

Originally published on sheknows Pucker up: The changing face of LA thanks to lip fillers From classic bombshells like Sophia Loren to today’s stars like Angelina Jolie, the desire for full, kissable lips is nothing new. When I was 16, I was nicknamed “helia” which means “lips” in Greek. The teasing got so bad, I vowed to surgically reduce their size when I got older. It only dawned on me […]

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Trump’s Removal of Bumblebee From Endangered List Is Illegal, Advocates Say

Originally published on truthout (Photo: Tiago Cabral; Edited: LW / TO) With Trump now in office, what is the future of our endangered bees? Two months into this administration, things don’t look very promising. The Trump administration recently suspended a rule that the Obama administration had introduced to put the rusty-patched bumblebee (Bombus affinis) on the endangered species list. The listing would have represented the first endangered designation for a bee […]

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HCG DIET: How I Lost 12 Pounds In Only 2 Weeks (And Developed A Cyst)

Can the human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) hormone really help you lose fat safely? The HCG diet has been around for more than 60 years, but is it effective, does it need to be updated, and is it safe? Weight alone is not a satisfactory criterion by which to judge whether a person is suffering from the disorder we call obesity … Every physician is familiar with the sylphlike lady who enters the […]

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Demise of Demeter And Modern Agriculture In Greece

Following the U.S. model, growers in Greece face a maelstrom of problems: too few organic farms Ask about the status of agriculture in Greece in our modern times and you may get a few different answers. Hundreds of Greek varieties of the life-giving wheat, rye and barley are lost. Rodakina (peaches), like the breasts of Aphrodite, are gone. The bees of Crete will never make their fragrant honey again. And […]

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5 Reasons To Keep Gerber Baby Food Away From Your Child

Children Are Missing Out On Vital Nutrients For Growth Gerber baby food claims their iron-fortified rice cereal is just what babies need when they are ready to start eating solid foods. But according to Gerber’s ingredients, the product is neither good nor safe. “The iron in Gerber Cereal means you’re literally giving him food for thought.” I was scrolling through People magazine, waiting in line at my local grocery store, when I […]

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New Greenpeace Study: Neonicotinoids BIGGER Threat On Planet Than Imagined

According to a new Greenpeace study, Neonicotinoid pesticides pose serious risks not only to honeybees, but also to many other species, including humans. This year marks a decade since Beekeeper David Hackenberg first alerted the world that honeybees were dying mysteriously. While these past 10 year has observed our consciousness rise around bees, the use of systemic pesticidesand their negative impact have also sadly increased. Today, the use of neonicotinoids is slowly killing wild bees, worms, sea life, […]

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