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The George Floyd story we’ve been fed is a monumental false narrative that I’m committed to exposing. It was a partly fabricated event, premeditated to help take us from virus to violence and, ultimately, to divide and destroy America. I will show you how.

I’m Maryam Henein, a veteran investigative journalist, director of the award-winning documentary “Vanishing of the Bees” narrated by Elliot Page, researcher for “Stop World Control” and “Plandemic 2” documentaries, and founder and editor-in-chief of HoneyColony. For speaking the truth, I have been banned, unpersoned and censored. It started back as early as 2017. I’ve been banned from PayPal (corrupt), GoFundMe (corrupt), Square (corrupt), Chase Bank/JP Morgan/Vanguard/Rothschild (corrupt), Facebook (corrupt), Twitter (corrupt), AirBnB . . . and on my second YoutTube channel. The FDA, FTC, and DOJ, and GOOGLE have also persecuted my beautiful company HoneyColony, where I sell vitamins and truth.  We the people can birth the TRUTH. Please join me in the fight for liberty!


I’ve been tracking and researching the George Floyd story from Day 1, unearthing buried information by scouring hundreds of articles, pulling court documents, covering the trial, conducting original interviews, and connecting the dots. Everything I’ve been doing so far has been self-funded. I recently escaped California and moved across the country to Florida, where I’m devoting even more time to deep-dives, daily research, and hard work to uncover the truth — But this is where I need your help to finish my documentary and new book that will reveal the large-scale deception and lies.  If you might be able to, please donate so I can continue this important work. All donations go 100% to completing this project and exposing the psyop behind George Floyd’s death.

Thank you for believing in and supporting the truth! – Maryam